Our Favorite Holiday Picks


Christmas is Coming Up. That means shopping. Read this list to get ideas for the perfect gift! Long Distance T-Shirts At just $20, and with an adorable handmade design, this shirt is the perfect gift for long distance couples. BUY HERE Protect Trans Lives Ring This season, show your trans friends and family you care about them with this ring. It comes in Sterling Silver and Gold options, and they're super affordable. The trans symbol is right next to cut outs saying 'Protect Trans Lives'. Perfect for the holidays, and a cute wearable way to show your support. BUY NOW...

5 Faves for the End of Summer


August 20th, 2020 5 Faves for the End of Summer It's the end of summer. And we all know what that means--we deserve a new wardrobe, new clothes, and new shoes and accessories for the fall. Times are hard right now, and you deserve to treat yourself! Thankfully, we've got you covered: these are our faves right now. Buy Now 1. Dark Tentacle Leather Boots With the end of summer coming, we know that we're soon going to need boots to get through the cold months. Our customers love this pair of cool tentacle boots, perfect for a statement piece...

Best Looks for August


The End of Summer Means New Clothes!     The end of summer meeting the start of fall means the need for fresh wardrobe items! Thankfully, we're here to help-- let us share our top 5 favorite items for this August!   1. Flower Crop Top     It's instantly easy to see why this makes it to the list! Between the soft colors, the great cut, the excellent price ($30!), and the wide size range, there's no way we can live without this one in our closet. Buy Now 2. Bi Pride Cropped Hoodie     With fall around...